Distillation experiment lab report

Distillation experiment lab report

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The binary distillation of ethanol and water is made possible due to the difference in volatilities of the components in the boiling liquid mixture. This column was used to find the specifications and optimum operating conditions needed to produce 100 barrels of strong, 80% mole of ethanol blend beverage from an 8% mole of ethanol mixture everyday. In the experiment, all the feed, distillate, bottom, and reflux flow-meters were calibrated, taking into consideration that the flow meters provide accurate measuremeSIMPLE DISTILLATION OF VODKA distillation experiment lab report Joy M.

Tan, Joshua Michael L. Torres, Pauleen Anne S. Vanadero, Paulene Arielle P. Ynzon and Rachel Pauline E. Zaballero Group 10, 2D Medical Technology, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Santo TomasABSTRACTDistillation is the most common technique, it is a process wherein the liquid is separated from the solution by boiling the liquid solution distillation experiment lab report condensing the vapor in order to get the distillate. There are four kind of distillation: simple distillation, fractional distillation, vacuum distillation and steam distillation. The pure liquid turned into a vapor and left the diINTRODUCTION:Mixtures are substances that held together by physical forces, and their individual structures and properties remain the same.

They are easily separated by physical means.Mixtures are heterogenous. Solutions are also mixtures but substances are held together by chemical reaction and they are homogenous. The difference between a heterogenous and a homogenous is that heterogenous are mixtures that are not evenly mixed, but homogenous are. Solvents and solute are included in solutions because solvents dissolved solutes, so they became a solution.

Condensation is the opposite of it. And distillation experiment lab report is the mixture of evaporation and condensation.

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