Tensile testing of metals and alloys

Tensile testing of metals and alloys

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Tensile tests are simple, relatively inexpensive, and fully standardized. By pulling on something, you will very quickly determine how the material will react to forces being applied in tension. As the material is being pulled, you will find its strength along with how much it will elongate. As you continue to pull on the material until it breaks, you will obtain a good, complete tensile profile. A curve will result showing how it reacted to the forces being applied.

This a,loys determines important mechanical properties such as yield strength, ultimate tensile strength, elongation, and reduction of area. E8 tensile tests determine the ductility and strength of various metals when the materials undergo uniaxial tensile stresses. If you need to conduct tensile tests according fensile ASTM E8, gensile read the entire specification from the relevant ASTM publication. These actions will keep the end consumer satisfied and dramatically reduce the chance of failure in the field.

Below, we will discuss ASTM E8, an international standard for determining the tensile allyos of metals.ASTM E8: Specification for Measuring Tensile Strength of MetalsThe ASTM E8 test provides data on the strength and ductility of metals under uniaxial tensile forces. The tensile strength of a metal is essentially its ability to withstand tensile loads without failure. To determine strength and deformation behavior of tensile testing of metals and alloys or components, they are subjected to tensile, flexure and compression loading to tensile testing of metals and alloys specified in various Standards, e.g.

ISO 892, EN 10002, JIS Z 2241, ASTM A 370, ASTM E8. Zwick has testing machines, extensometers (mechanical and optical), specimen grips and accessories for almost any test requirement, together with Standard Test Programs with parameters already pre-defined to the specifications of the relevant Standard. Testinng test and analyze all types of ferrous and nonferrous metals including precious metals, alloys, ferroalloys and powdered metals. All services meyals performed at our one-stop facility near Philadelphia, PA (USA). Please view our full list of alloys. The ultimate tensile strength of a material is calculated by alloy the area of the material tested (the cross section) by the stress placed on the material, generally expressed in terms of pounds or tons per square.

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