Summary of the book the giver chapter 2

Summary of the book the giver chapter 2

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SummaryWe are introduced to Jonas, the eleven-year-old protagonistof the story, as he struggles to find the right word to describehis feelings eummary he approaches an important milestone. This book marketing strategy works because people will only choose to read your book out of literally millions of other books if they are convinced your book is worth reading. You the author saying summary of the book the giver chapter 2 is good is not enough.

Every author thinks their own book is great. You need our trusted review team to honestly review your book and recommend your book to our huge following of avid readers. My reviewer went into detail on the storyline, character development and plot twist without giving away too much detail. Every year, something happens for a kid. During the conversation, Jonas remembers the ceremonies he has had before and the ceremonies he has seen.

During the Ceremony of One, all newchildren who were born the year before turn One. During the ceremony, each one of them is brought up to the stage to be summagy names. At the mention of the ritual of Naming, Father guiltily admits that he broke a rule earlier that day. bok Despite rules against doing so, he peeked at the Naming List of the newchildren who had been born last year. Summary of the book the giver chapter 2 wanted to know the name of the boy bopk had brought home for the night, and found that it was to be Gabriel.Topic Tracking: Rules Jonas remembers the year he became a Five when Lily was given to the family unit.

Jonas had gone up thesis statement examples literature the stage with his parents to receive her. Father thenMeet Jonas, an eleven-year-old boy who lives in a rigidly controlled society some time in the future. It seems that no one has really left the area, except to visit other neighboring communities. Jonas remembers the Committee monitoring his group of Elevens, but he is unsure what kind of job he will be given.

Most children are given jobs they show interest in, and so suspect their Assignments ahead of time. But Jonas has been floating from one interest to another. He has been truly frightened only once before, when a plane flew off course over the community a year ago. During the incident, an announcement over the speakers ordered everyone inside, and Jonas had been afraid as he saw the silent, waiting community. However, the speakers soon explained that a Pilot-in-Training had made a navigational mistake and that the pilot would be released from the community for his error, which teh the worst possible fate for members of the community.

Upon recalling this event, Jonas confirms that his current feelings do not represent fear.

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