Fiction book report answers

Fiction book report answers

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Easiest way to pull this off is to find something that you already have some background knowledge about, or have easy access to. Said student posted on Yahoo. Answers in hopes that some benevolent soul would give them a rundown on the book. Best Answer: Read a classic.Read anything by Charles Dickens, Jane Austin, Jules Verne, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.Do you like adventure. Romance. Read A Tale of Two Cities, it is a great book. Well this is a fun topic. First, The Ship Who Sang (I think that was a suggestion) is by Anne McCaffrey.

Piers Anthony was mentioned, and for him, my favorite is the Adept series. OverviewFeatured ResourcesFrom Theory to PracticeOVERVIEWThis lesson looks at question and answer books as a genre study. Through read-alouds and independent reading, students explore the content and format of these books, establish how they are different from and similar to other nonfiction texts, and discuss their fiction book report answers uses for doing and presenting research.

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